Hi sorry if I haven’t be upp dated so let’s go in to the talk! So roblox is very popular and u can do ur avatar for Robux or for free and I have my username like this Realsuperstar12345 but u can change it and do another name in 7 days u can change its again and the most popular game so know is bloxburg and mm2 and Brookhaven and that like it’s named mm2 is a murder game if ur victory u kill and if ur sherif ur saving and inconnect u like just running around and like not come to the murder and if ur playing roblox u can chat like it’s like a little ⏹ in the corner and most of them that are playing roblox is talking English and I come from Sweden and talk English and I learn it by roblox so I really recommend bloxburg there u can build ur own house and ur dream house for bloxburg money u can work or buy it’s 2 types off money one that’s bloxburx and one like just normal green and if ur playing it u can do rp and I’m there for u if u wanna be friend so my username is Realsuperstar12345 and it takes long time too like learn ur self English and I’m talking English every day and like yeah and if u think it’s a lot I have text and like yeah and if u wanna look at my blog again u gotta type in superstar.cool and im posting yeah about roblox and I have written a lot now so yeah I think is that for today and love u all ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜✌🏽Support all in the world have a good day/night/evening/afternoon.♥️


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