Visar inlägg från oktober, 2022
 When I mean rp I mean role play


 Hii do u know bloxburg in roblox it’s a Halloween update there and this time I’ll gonna tell u about bloxburg ok let’s get in to the in bloxburg u can build ur own house like I am doing like every day and u can rp there to a rp can be a family rp or a teen friend rp and much more and I’ll role playing every day so I can teach u evrithing like if they are saying-ex it’s like *claps hands* *hugs mama* and like that so yeah and now in October and a lil bit of December it’s a hallloween update there and it’s like a cafe in the like of maintain where the camping like yeah it’s named plent o pumpkins there can eat Halloween food and see on Tommy’s band I forgot their name and it’s a labyrinth and much pumpkins and the other thing it’s most in the building decorate and it’s like pumpkins and ghostes and witch ghostes and much more so yeah that all for today. Bye love u all and support all in the world🏳️‍🌈♥️🙂 when I mean rp I mean roleplay
 Hi I’m here again and I’m looking for a family rp dad,kid,toddler, if ur wanna be in a video on YouTube or picnic plzz join bloxburg ellas swagger server oktober 10 5:00 on the day and in ur house plzz and plzz come yeah♥️♥️🐠🐟🐬🌈 support all lgbt if u do ur soo good for the earth love y’all